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Sales Coordination

To maximize the probability of a swiftly and successful sale of a property on Mallorca several prerequisites are required;


  • International, national, and local knowledge about regulative, technical and financial real estate specific inquiries

  • Knowledge about client preferences, marketing channels and general market sentiment

  • A broad network of reliable professionals within all interacting sectors of the real estate market (e.g. sales agencies, architects, interior designers, construction companies, photographers, lawyers, accountants and other relevant consultants)


Regardless of if the abovementioned prerequisites are met by the selling party, the sale of a property will inevitably be a significant time and energy consuming process due to a variety of idiosyncratic factors on Mallorca. Ricardo has developed this service after having identified an unmet need on the high-end market for clients who want to sell their property without having to spend significant amounts of time and energy.


This service means in practice that Ricardo takes over the entire process of selling the property by entering into an exclusive sales agreement with the client. Ricardo will be the sole contact point for the client throughout the whole process. Ricardo will be responsible for all the due diligence, home staging, marketing, selection of adequate real estate agencies, education of the property to all the agents, viewings, negotiations, closing, legal, administrative, notarial procedures and requirements, delivering of the property and post sales issues.

Acquisition Support

The acquisition of a real estate asset represents one of the largest single outlays of capital for clients; it is therefore imperative that all of the key factors are considered ahead of the acquisition process, whether the objective is to develop for profit or long-term ownership.

Ricardo has considerable experience in assisting and coordinating the process of acquisition. Ricardo reviews the objectives for the acquisition against the development parameters such as objectives, costs and risks to aid the decision-making process and ensure that the correct property is selected.

Some of the ways Ricardo can help with the acquisition process:

Identify viable alternatives

Identify key due diligence aspects

Negotiation and closing

Post acquisition activities

Phasing strategy

Project Management

When facing any real estate project, the need to anticipate and track the countless elements and details along the path from concept to execution, while also avoiding risk is fundamental.
Ricardo has over ten years experience within project management roles. Projects ranging from large commercial tenant adaptions of whole buildings to small and medium sized residential projects.

Some of the ways Ricardo can help with project management:

Concept developtment

Budgeting and cost management

Team set up

Procurement strategy & value management

Managing the quality of delivery

Other Consultancy Services

The acquisition, development, ownership and selling of a property will undoubtedly give rise to a wide range of different challenges and opportunities.
Ricardo's aim is to be a full service provider to assist and guide the client regardless of the query.

Some of the ways Ricardo can help with the acquisition process:

Market segmentation & analysis

Target group analysis

Viability studies

Analysis of optimal finance structure

Post acquisition activities

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